November 2014 Issue


Whatever Goes Around... Comes Around

Timothy C. Moynihan

Access to top-notch risk assessment can be a market differentiator for your practice and a powerful tool to deepen......

Enhancing Client Service With A Marketing Group Underwriter

Jonathan Leifer

The role of the marketing group underwriter and the benefits this person can provide.

LTCI Underwriting: Challenge = Opportunities

Barry J. Fisher

Accept the current reality to create more marketing opportunities!

Developments In Underwriting Help Place Challenging Cases

Lisa Morris and Bill Jackson

Although a number of current techniques are still crucial for medical underwriting, financial underwriting, product choice and case design play an equally important role.

The Wild Blue Yonder... Questions To Better Assess Aviation Risk

Seixas G. “Chip” Milner, Jr.

Without details not always revealed from the typical aviation questionnaire, you cannot expect anything better than "book underwriting."

2014 Life Insurance Industry Challenges

Sharon Jenkins

Add "sufficient underwriting talent" to the list of concerns facing the life insurance industry.

Web Exclusive Content

Parkinson's Disease

Fred E. Wernette

Parkinson’s disease was named for Dr. James Parkinson, who described the disease very thoroughly in 1817.

A Burden Relieved With Long Term Care Insurance

Maggie Leyes

The first time James Daoust, Jr., visited his clients Joe and Theresa Mollicone, the couple rolled out a...

Broker Words

Broker Words

The first life insurance policy sold as such is widely believed to be one on the life of one William Gybbons for a one year term, a face amount of 400 pounds, and a premium of 32 pounds. Unfortunately (my assumption, not necessarily reflective......

General Interest

Red Flags Policy -- The First Line Of Defense

D. Michael Bridges

Essentials for a dependable policy and procedure to protect your clients' non-public information.

Getting Paid To Wait: Maximizing Social Security Benefits

Brian Doherty

Retirees should consider three things when making their Social Security claiming decisionL longevity, COLA and the spousal benefit.

Marketing Update

Multi-Generation Agencies... Success At Succession

Art Jetter & Company,  Brokers Clearing House and Mike Levy Associates, Inc.

What is your advice regarding the issues of transition of...

Monthly Commentary


Robert Goldstone, MD

Hematuria is the finding of blood in the urine. It can either be quite obvious where blood is visible to the naked eye

New Permitted Election Changes For Cafeteria Plans

Janet LeTourneau

The IRS has released Notice 2014-15 containing two additional permitted change rules for health coverage under 

Our Most Significant Measure Of Life

W. Harold Petersen

It was learned in second grade. The significant necessary elements of life are food, clothing and shelter. It was premature 

Annuity Education -- Yes Financial Literacy Classes -- No

Jack Marrion

An important paper recently released strongly supports conclusions reached by previous studies as well as breaking


Ronald R. Hagelman, Jr.

Perhaps we just don’t like to dance. Far too many have remained casual observers. A reluctance to participate

News Releases

LifeSecure Insurance Company

LifeSecure Insurance Company’s long term care insurance (LTCI) products are simple solutions that help families live well in their later years and secure their finances. These products are now available to the individual......

Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha Retirement Services is now offering 401(k) Admin Advantage, a service to help ease the day-to-day demands of plan administration while minimizing risks for plan sponsors and supporting the independent services......

Petersen International Underwriters

The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) has announced to its members the launch of a new disability insurance program created and administered by Petersen International Underwriters, the disability income protection specialists......