March 2015 Issue


A Brief History Of Health and DI Insurance In America

W. Harold Petersen

Much education is needed so workers can appreciate the value of their earnings and the high importance of adequately......

IDI Deja Vu: Optimism For The LTCI Industry

Xiaoge Flora Hu and Marc Glickman

The LTCI industry is following a similar path as IDI to respond to the current market...

Will The Real LTCI Industry Please Stand Up?

Bill Jones

Diversity of risk management solutions demands that professionals learn all of those solutions to properly advise...

Critical Illness Insurance -- The Journey

Daniel R. Pisetsky

Despite all the economic and legislative changes that have taken place, CII continues to grow as a mainstream voluntary product, providing a cusion in the event of a catastrophic illness.

The Vastly Undersold Product: Disability Insurance

Trish Boon

Beyond expanding your product line, sales and referrals -- providing additional peace of mind to your clients.

Web Exclusive Content


Fred E. Wernette

This article is not expounding on any medical item. Maybe it is the season, or possibly laziness on my part...

Keeping A Third-Generation Farm In The Family

Maggie Leyes

As a third-generation dairy farmer, Paul Krzewina’s priority was keeping his 585-acre farm in the family...

Broker Words

In Memoriam

Melancholy work writing an In Memoriam for a dear friend. I’m saddened to relay the passing of Emmett Godfrey, formerly Underwriting Services of Alabama, Birmingham, AL. I met Emmett and Debby in the early days of the Broker’s......

General Interest

Revolutionizing The Charitable Donation Of Life Insurance

Timothy T. Lawler and Stacy Lawler

A substantial donation to a charity, a large tax deduction and the satisfaction of seeing the charity receive some of these funds during your client's lifetime.

Marketing Update

Life BGA Panel

Larry Dahl, Jason Lea and Ben Nevejans

Monthly Commentary

The Whys Behind Prostate Cancer Screening

Robert Goldstone, MD

Insurance blood testing for most, if not all, insurers includes a PSA (prostate specific antigen) test in males above a certain...

Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefits And Debit Card Payments

Janet LeTourneau

Revenue Ruling 2014-32 released November 21, 2014, reads like a primer for transportation fringe benefits provided...

Human Capital In Financial Planning

W. Harold Petersen

Dr. Moshe A. Milevsky, a professor at the Schulich School of Business and the graduate department of mathematics...

Three Reasons Why Low Cost Isn’t Always A Good Thing

Jack Marrion

1.  Low cost won’t get people to do something they aren’t already doing.  Life insurance is a great example...

Wrong Target

Ronald R. Hagelman, Jr.

What keeps haunting all of us is our persistent inability to adequately ameliorate this risk. I’m not sure our industry...

News Releases

Agency Services, Inc.

Agency Services, Inc.

Agency Services, Inc. (ASI) announced the recent appointment of Angie ­Pettinger as partner and chief operating officer (COO).

Since joining Agency Services,......

Allianz Life

Allianz Life

Employees from Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America (Allianz Life) formed a human chain to load more than 500 boxes of food and clothing they donated onto waiting trucks destined for......



The National Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies (NAILBA) Charitable Foundation has named Patrick Bowen of Legal & General America and John McWilliams of Colorado Brokerage......