July 2014 Issue


Tailor Solutions To Client Needs With Term Life Laddering

Mark Peterson

With perceived cost as the number one factor in Americans being uninsured and underinsured, term life can...

The Safe Solution For Legacy Assets

Luke Cosme

Participating whole life insurance can be a good option for your clients'"safe money."

Retirement Financial Defense With Life Insurance

Peter L. McCarthy

During the thirty or more years a client may be retired, life insurance has the ability to strengthen security and create......

Web Exclusive Content


Fred E. Wernette

Even in 1500 BC, the idea of flight gave man (the Chinese, in this instance) thoughts of being free as the wind

A Good Samaritan's Lasting Legacy

Maggie Leyes

Twenty-year-olds often think they don’t need life insurance. This story can help agents show (instead of tell) clients why it’s critical.

Broker Words

Broker Words

Stephen P. Howard

I  believe there is a divine purpose in the work you do (and hopefully we facilitate). James 1:27 states that “Religion

General Interest

Stop Selling Insurance And Start Solving Problems!

Kenneth J. Smith

Brokers need to stop focusing on selling and start emphasizing solutions to problems insurance is uniquely suited to solve.

Marketing Update

Hybrid And Linked Long Term Care Planning Solutions

Barry J. Fisher and Michael D. Ashwill

Long term care planning explores all options including life and annuity linked products, hybrids and riders.

Special Insert

2014 Long Term Care Insurance Survey

Claude Thau, Dawn Helwig and Allen Schmitz

Seventeenth Annual LTCI Product Comparison

Monthly Commentary


Robert Goldstone, MD

Fibromyalgia is a tough diagnosis even for the experienced physician. A disorder of musculoskeletal pain throughout

Top Ten Hot Tips For HSAs

Janet LeTourneau

Here’s a “Top Ten” list of reasons why employers and employees should establish health savings accounts (HSAs).

New Products In The World Of Financial Planning

W. Harold Petersen

The Custom Approach to Disability Financial Planning  (No More Missed Opportunities with New Products)

Consumer Misperceptions Stop Insurance Buying

Jack Marrion

Life insurance and immediate annuities face a problem in probability perception. Most people, at most ages, think


Ronald R. Hagelman, Jr.

Traditional stand-alone LTCI sales are down although, interestingly, average premiums have remained level for several 

News Releases



American International Group, Inc., recently announced the launch of Elite Survivor Index II, its newly enhanced, cost-effective joint and last survivorship index universal life insurance product......



Dick Freeborough, chairman of the board of Foresters, recently announced the appointment of Anthony (Tony) ­Garcia as Foresters’ new president and chief executive officer.......