December 2014 Issue


Keys To Understanding The Special Needs Market

Robert E. Walker

This market is not about a product to solve a need, but about support, empathy and passion.

The Credit Shelter Trust -- As Relevant As Ever

Donna Scalaro

There is a perception the portability is Congress's helpful codification of the tax benefits of the CST -- but the two......

How To Help Your Widowed Clients Make Wise Decisions With Life Insurance Benefits

Kathleen M. Rehl

Being of true service is much more about asking the right questions then making the next sale.

Web Exclusive Content


Fred E. Wernette

In this article I seem to be backtracking a bit; however, in my recent article in this publication on the liver...

Building And Protecting A Life Together

Maggie Leyes

Felipe and Lissete Montes de Oca started dating while they were young, but they already had grown-up...

Broker Words

Broker Words

Estate and legacy planning is the worry and the plaything of the wealthy, right? Certainly the outermost layer of the onion involves trusts to remove assets from the taxable estate, life insurance and annuity funding vehicles for those......

General Interest

New Opportunities To Get That Big Case Done

Allan D. Gersten

There are favorable conditions today for advisors to present their clients with ways to improve a prior life insurance application result.

The HEX Benefit: A New Strategy For Retaining And Rewarding Key Employees

Peter L. McCarthy

Structuring incentive plans can be challenging -- they need to be appreciated by the key employee yet still make financial sense for the business.

Why Critical Illness Insurance Should Change

Dan Kraft

Policy language remains solely focused on the seriously ill, with little benefit offered for those who remain healthy or act proactively to identify an illness at an early, treatable stage.

Guaranteed Issue -- The Resurrection

Thomas I. White

Seniors are living longer, but they have more old-age health problems. Many cannot answer (favorably) the health questions presented on most insurance company applications.

Monthly Commentary

Bell's Palsy

Robert Goldstone, MD

Bell’s palsy is an acute affliction of the facial nerve, resulting in sudden weakness or paralysis of the muscles...

New Indexed Figures For 2015

Janet LeTourneau

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Social Security Administration have released the cost of living (COLA)...

The Happening Is Worse Than Described

W. Harold Petersen

My wife, Jacquie, and I were invited to join Tom Petersen, vice president of Petersen International Underwriters...

An Annuity Lunch

Jack Marrion

My wife is part of a group which typically, on the third Friday of the month, has lunch together at a different...

What I Learned At Camp

Ronald R. Hagelman

I have just returned from the National Society of Actuaries Conference in Orlando. I did not see Mickey...

News Releases

Legal & General America

Legal & General America

Mary Bahna-Nolan, FSA, CERA, MAAA, has joined Legal & General America as senior vice president and chief actuary. In her new role, Bahna-Nolan will have responsibility......