November 2017 Issue
   Financial Justification And The "Windfall Effect"
      Lisa Morris
   The Consummate Special Risk Producer Is A Field Underwriting Juggernaut!
      Timothy C. Moynihan
   Medically Underwritten SPIA Can Help Older Americans In Ill Health Finance Care
      Larry Nisenson
   Funding Experimental Cancer Treatments With Living Benefits
      Samuel Howe
   Is A "Failure To Plan" A Death Sentence?
      Chris Orestis
General Interest
   The Facts Of Life - Helping Clients Understand The Myths And Realities Of FIUL
      Jason Wellmann
   The Medicare ABC's
      Larry Dean
   Brokers Can Help Clients Save 20-40 Percent On Surgeries
   Specialized benefit delivers an "immediate, defensible savings strategy" and improves care quality.
      Jesse Gomez
   Funding A Tax-Advantaged Long Term Care Insurance Plan
      Marc Glickman
   Romancing The Middle Market - The Future Of Chronic Illness Sales Success
   (Part 2)
      Barry J. Fisher
Marketing Update
   Multi-Generation Agencies...
   Strong Foundations, Fresh Thinking
      Jeffrey D. Mooers
Monthly Commentary
   Impaired Risk Review...
   Predictive Analytics
      Robert M. Goldenberg
   The Benefits Brief...
   Regulations For Dependent Care Expenses
      Janet LeTourneau, ACFCI
   Disability Insurance Insights...
   The Sales Story
      W. Harold Petersen, RHU, DFP
   Economic Behavior...
   The Behavioral Side
      Jack Marrion
   The Last Word On LTCI...
   A Change Of Heart
      Ronald R. Hagelman Jr., CLTC, CSA, LTCP
The Cover
       Cover Artist: David Howard

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