May 2017 Issue
   Millennial Marketing - How To Build Your Practice For The Future
      Bryan M Kuderna
   A New Era Of Insurance Marketing: The Independent Captive Marketing Organization
      Harry N. Stout
   Better Understanding Generations To Enhance Sales
      Oscar Toledo
   How To Become A Cyborg: Using Technology To Sell More Disability Insurance
      Bill Unrue
General Interest
   Proximate Cause And Catalysts
      David J. Murphy
   The Value of U.S. Life Insurance for Foreign Nationals
      William R. Izor,
   Aren't I Covered Already?
      John F. Nichols,
Monthly Commentary
   The Practice Management Minute...
   Why Dr. Phil Can Sell More Insurance Than Warren Buffett
      Charlie Gipple
   Impaired Risk Review...
   The Heartbreak Of Psoriasis
      Robert Goldstone, MD, FACE, FLMI
   The Benefits Brief...
   New Guidelines For Excepted Benefits And Annual And Lifetime Limits
      Janet LeTourneau, ACFCI
   Disability Insurance Insights...
   High-Limit Disability Insurance Planning
      W. Harold Petersen, RHU, DFP
   Economic Behavior...
   Warming The Cup
      Jack Marrion
   The Last Word On LTCI...
      Ronald R. Hagelman Jr., CLTC, CSA, LTCP
The Cover
       Cover Artist: David Howard

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