September 2018 Issue
   Split Dollar - New Life Via Tax Reform?
      John F. Harrison
   Bridging The Gap
      Micah Hesting
   The Golden Age Of Retirement Planning For Insurance Agents
      Jack D. Aiken
   Managing Market Volatility - How Are You Helping Your Clients Cope?
      Paul Kelash
   Indexing Fundamentals
      Shane Stamatis
General Interest
   Diversity Is The Path To More Sales
      Mark D. Milbrod, CLU
   GDPR And What It Means For Insurance Companies
      Jeff Brown
   Let's Go Fly A Kite
      Don Levin, JD, MPA, CLF, CSA, LTCP, CLTC,
Marketing Update
   Annuity Round Table
      Jack Marrion
Monthly Commentary
   Impaired Risk Review...
   A Case In Progress
      Robert Goldstone, MD, FACE, FLMI
   The Benefits Brief...
   Congress Delivers More Relief From Burdensome Taxes - Cadillac Tax Delayed Again Until 2022!
      Janet LeTourneau, ACFCI
   Disability Insurance Insights...
   When It Comes To Disability Insurance, You Have To A-S-K to G-E-T!
      Eugene Cohen
   Economic Behavior...
   GPS Told Me To
      Jack Marrion
   The Last Word On LTC...
      Ronald R. Hagelman Jr., CLTC, CSA, LTCP
The Cover
       Cover Artist: David Howard

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