March 2018 Issue
   Overcoming The Yawning Gap
      David J. Murphy
   Ending The American Epidemic Of Medical Bankruptcy
      Samuel Howe
   The Ethical Sale Of Disability Insurance
      Bryan M Kuderna
   The Yellow Pad Club
      Chris Carlson
   Getting The Word Out
      Dennis Martin
General Interest
   Ten Keys To Dramatically Transform Your Practice And Establish A Profitable Career
      Douglas R. Andrew
   Can We Really Learn Anything From A Bunch Of Dead Guys?
      Kenneth J. Smith
Marketing Update
   Marketing Update
   Happily Ever After: Long Term Care Insurance And Asset Protection
      Don Levin, JD, MPA, CLF, CSA, LTCP, CLTC,
Monthly Commentary
   Impaired Risk Review...
      Robert Goldstone, MD, FACE, FLMI
   The Benefits Brief...
   Tax Cuts And Jobs Act
      Janet LeTourneau, ACFCI
   Disability Insurance Insights...
   Individual Disability Insurance: The Need Sells, The Illustration Quotes
      Eugene Cohen
   Economic Behavior...
   The Oscar For Best Agent In A Starring Role Goes To...
      Jack Marrion
   The Last Word On LTCI...
   "Monday Morning Quarterback"
      Ronald R. Hagelman Jr., CLTC, CSA, LTCP
The Cover
       Cover Artist: David Howard

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