Fred E. Wernette

This article is not expounding on any medical item. Maybe it is the season, or possibly laziness on my part...


Keeping A Third-Generation Farm In The Family

Maggie Leyes

As a third-generation dairy farmer, Paul Krzewina’s priority was keeping his 585-acre farm in the family...


Critical Illness Insurance -- The Journey

Daniel R. Pisetsky

Despite all the economic and legislative changes that have taken place, CII continues to grow as a mainstream voluntary product, providing a cusion in the event of a...... 

The Vastly Undersold Product: Disability Insurance

Trish Boon

Beyond expanding your product line, sales and referrals -- providing additional peace of mind to your clients.


The Whys Behind Prostate Cancer Screening

Robert Goldstone, MD

Insurance blood testing for most, if not all, insurers includes a PSA (prostate specific antigen) test in males above a certain...


Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefits And Debit Card Payments

Janet LeTourneau

Revenue Ruling 2014-32 released November 21, 2014, reads like a primer for transportation fringe benefits provided...


Human Capital In Financial Planning

W. Harold Petersen

Dr. Moshe A. Milevsky, a professor at the Schulich School of Business and the graduate department of mathematics...


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