Fred E. Wernette

Just as the name indicates, hypo means less than normal, glycemia means sugar, therefore hypoglycemia means low...


A Welcome Benefit

Maggie Leyes

Jim and Judy Stacherski were high school sweethearts, and while a tour of duty in Vietnam separated them and sent...


Update On 3in4 Need More... S.O.S. Boomers & Seniors

The 3in4 Association is still hard at work helping raise public awareness of the need to develop a long term care plan.


The Life Insurance Psychologist

Sam J. Kaufman

In many sales situations, life insurance advisors find themselves not only advising clients about design...


Lung Cancer

Robert Goldstone MD

It’s on every pack of cigarettes sold in this country in one form or another. “Surgeon General Warning: Smoking...


Family And Medical Leave Act (FLMA) And Cafeteria Plans

Janet LeTourneau

Although an election to a cafeteria plan is generally irrevocable, there are times when a participant may change...


New Products In The World Of Financial Planning Part II

W. Harold Petersen

Here is a litany of some cases where the non-traditional coverages are needed to provide complete and adequate...


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