Benefits Administration Platforms: The Sale Within The Sale

Advising clients by providing focus is essential to a broker’s success. The expertise supplied by brokers makes decision makers more confident in their ultimate choice of policies, vendors...... 

Racing To The Bottom

Back in good old 1991, the phrase “a race to the bottom” described the predicted events following one state’s proposals for a set of major medical insurance reforms. Those reforms...... 

Are MEC Plans A Good Option For Your Smaller Clients?

Health insurance premiums for small firms (3-199 workers) have seen a 25 percent increase since 2010, with the average family premium rising from $13,250 to $16,625 in 2015


Advanced Health Data Analytics Drive Broker-Employer Partnerships

As they vie for the health benefits business of self-insured employers, brokers need more technology firepower than their competitors. Advanced data tools and predictive analytics may prove


Small Businesses: An Untapped Market For Individual Health Insurance Policies

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has spurred an increase in coverage nationwide. According to the CDC’s National Health Interview Survey from January through September 2015, the percentage of persons uninsured at the time of the survey...... 

Consumer Demand For Financial Protection Pushes Asset-Based Long Term Care Sales Upward

Few things in life are certain, but history tells us it’s fairly safe for financial professionals to presume health care and long-term care costs can take a large bite out of a client’s retirement nest egg. Given the escalating...... 

Life Is Like Underwear: Change Is Good!

A very common thing to do in the face of adversity or even the simplest forms of change is to regress and fall into the lament “remember the old days when…” Well, it has been a year since I began my odyssey from the...... 

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