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Seven Corners Exclusive
November 2016

Active-minded travelers looking to experience the risk and adrenaline-inducing reward of extreme sports can now add a layer of protection thanks to Seven Corners, Inc., which today exclusively introduces DOGTAG travel medical insurance to the U.S. market. The innovative international travel insurance and specialty benefit management company is the first and only U.S. seller of DOGTAG, which covers an extensive list of more than 500 sports–from bungee jumping to kite surfing to skydiving and more.

DOGTAG protects against financial hardship due to unexpected medical expenses that a customer’s standard health insurance may not cover including accidents and medical evacuation. Along with comprehensive travel medical insurance, every insured person receives a personalized stainless steel dog tag, eliminating the need for active travelers to carry cumbersome paperwork. The innovative DOGTAG product is laser engraved with the traveler’s name, personal tag number and 24/7 emergency assistance contact details. Medical personnel are also able to access a read-only medical information page that provides vital information such as blood type, current medication, medical history, personal medical provider information and emergency contacts.

“DOGTAG offers a robust range of sports coverage options in case of any unplanned events travelers may experience while participating in adventurous activities,” said Jim Krampen, co-founder and chief revenue officer of Seven Corners. “This product is a game changer for U.S. customers exploring the world through extreme sports, and we’re excited to be the exclusive U.S. distributor.”

 With the right level of protection for a traveler’s adventure needs, DOGTAG includes four sport level pricing options based on type of activity:

Sport: Includes a wide range of sports and recreational pursuits such as bungee jumping, ice skating and jet skiing. 

Sport+: Covers more adventurous sports like kite surfing, heli skiing and speed skating.

Extreme: Provides protection for higher risk sports such as marathon racing, downhill mountain biking and paragliding.

Extreme+: Offers coverage for the highest risk sports including skydiving, Tough Mudder competitions and ultra-marathons.

DOGTAG includes support from Seven Corners’ high-quality, multilingual customer service team which also provides 24/7 emergency assistance. In addition, the plan covers the loss, theft or damage of valuable equipment, tools and supplies. To protect trip costs, travelers can add a Seven Corners trip cancellation policy to their DOGTAG plan.

Founded in 1993, Seven Corners, Inc. is an innovative and service focused international travel insurance and specialty benefit management company based in Carmel, IN, and serving a global market.

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